Stable Utility. Isometric Art.

Bodega Blocks is an innovative NFT art collection with Hold-2-Earn utility. Collect Bodegas and build your neighborhood...on Ethereum or Bitcoin!




8,999 NFTs | 4000 x 4000 Pixel |
HD Downloads


Multifaceted Rewards Mechanisms


Floor Stability Protocols


NFTs on Ethereum, Ordinals on Bitcoin


Creative Upgradable Bodega


Artist Collabs Feat. Works Muraled on our NFTs


The Creation Process

Building Bodegas

The first collection of Bodega Blocks is multiple generative efforts that are combined randomized into one exceptionally unique collection of 2D Isometric buildings that are inspired by real life corner stores and markets in Tokyo, Japan. These NFTs will be available in High Definition, 4000 x 4000-pixel, download.

This collection encompasses twelve (12) different building / Bodega types; each one was created by hand using Procreate and combined with Photoshop. Each Bodega type was generated independently using the Bodega layers, along with 25 different square or rectangular foundations, 8 different backgrounds and 30 different utility poles assets (square or rectangular). The collection has 750 Bodega NFTs from each type, with the exception of the Preferred Genesis tier (''Bling Bodegas''), of which there are 15 building types and a total of 111 NFTs.

There are over 600 unique traits in the Bodega Blocks collection. These ere combined with the Mural Collabs -400 created from 15 source NFT pieces and use a Bodega as the canvas!

BitBlocks is our Ordinals collection.

BitBlocks is a collection of 400 pieces that are randomly generated via AI and used source NFTs from BodegaBlocks.

Collaborative Art

Bodega Blocks is committed to supporting up-and-coming artists and established names. We are introducing White Squid Tokyo to the NFT and Crypto space, adding to the incredible artistic fabric that is this community.

We are collaborating with artists to showcase their art within our collections – these collabs will be providing original art and custom attributes. This is in addition to embedding NFT’s of existing collections, creating derivatives and legendary rarities within the collection.

Bodega Blocks have partnered with these amazing Digital Artists & NFT projects for our Mural Collabs:‍



Community Director, Project Manager

Mike is an experienced community manager with project leadership bonafides in both DeFi and NFT spaces who is respected for his ability to nurture a positive community vibe.  His role is to cultivate a welcoming and supportive culture within our community and to ensure that all moderators and associates properly represent this ethos.


Creative Director, Project Manager

Justin has moderation and project leadership experience and is responsible for the art-specific elements of Bodega Blocks.  This includes the direction of our primary art and generative process, in addition to, curating our collaborative artist-partner relationships. He is an art and NFT simp and doesn't hesitate to share useless, but weirdly interesting, information about the Bluefin Tuna.


Director of Investment and Strategy

Ruski is a seasoned crypto and NFT veteran  with Core Team, Leadership and Marketing credentials within the  DeFi and P2E spaces.  For Bodega Blocks, Ruski is responsible for the 'passive rewards' side of the project, which includes the related bots, masternoding + sharenoding activities, as well as, our tokenomics aka Buyback-and-Burn and Floor Stability mechanisms..

White Squid Tokyo


White Squid Tokyo is an independent artist specializing in the visual arts - photography, animation, illustration. WhiteSquidTokyo is the lead artist for Bodega Blocks and plays a crucial role in not only the art, in which he uses the same techniques as Marvel, but in also developing the innovative approach to generative isometric art and world building.